A growing movement

Just got back from the Ron Paul event at Webster Hall.  Everyone was in support, hundreds of libertarians!  As Ron Paul put it,  “America needs a new Revolution!”  And it’s happening.  Michael More just dropped in too – we’re hooking him up with some Lenux. Oh yeah.. and last night I got to chill with Immortal Technique. I gave him a copy of the Global Village Construction Set – ballller

I’m right now in the main tech-hub of Occupy Wall Street we’re plugging away, listening to dub step, pumping on all hacked WiFi cylinders.  Revolutionaries in Chicago are attempting to set up camp in front of their Fed building.  But police are cracking down hard core… without any word as to why or even acknowledging the fact that they are

After a conversation with Chicago’s 1st precinct all I could get from the officer on call was “the protesters ‘disappeared'”… When I said why, or how they just said that there are no protesters around any more.  Perhaps tomorrow there’ll be a clearer picture on the ground beyond the Tweets of the protestors.  But I’m fairly sure they did not just “disappear”… Unless the rapture is selective that way

Now back to the trenches.  Small occupations are popping up all over the country!  No doubt, this global movement will be boosted into a whole new stratosphere by what is the greatest generation in American history.  There’s no stopping us, and it starts and finishes right here on Wall Street.

Live long Liberty Square

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