Sabatogge of Next Steps of Movement

This may be too faint, audio wise… main point is… while getting ducks in a row for 1,000,000 LOVE bomb SEED bomb: A Game 2 Reclaim, and the other two events leading up to The Global Summit NYC of intermovement dialogue around the Local Bill/People’s Patent/Open Source Imperative… we can’t even access our own web administration. These are professionals who are not even able to make sense of this mess… after OVER A YEAR of SERVER SHUT DOWNS, DOS ATTACKS… now we can’t even edit the copy on our system, and after rebuilding the whole thing from major hacking this year.

We can do this alone… but not as well. Please help if you want to see this succeed – RECLAIM THE MOVEMENT. It’s time to up our GAME

Here’s what we’re stuck with – the copy is really old after we rebuilt the whole system… now we’ve completely lost control of the site.

I’m the only one now with admin access and I don’t have permission to edit anything – See the following screenshot to see what we’re trying to do – you’ll notice it says “failure to delete banner” – trying to work around it. Good luck, God bless, happy Easter in the mean time 🙂Image

Here’s a closeup of this crud! lol – admin with no privileges.. oh that’s convenient


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