White Privilege: Part 2

1.0 Poetry monopoly I be abel to intrude, interlude Nordic forklift food this into yo crebral cortexica lexica — God protect ya from misinterpretin my Jah Allahuabha pittifully ignorant soul searching, inner churching, I veryily wish my foul inners can be transmuted by the scisors of fact.. and that I not internalize the racket.  if there’s a lie I’ll attack it with the heart beat pakin a whole magnum of tangible random tidbits of lispy grips on the pure robe of God’s Word.  my rendition be absurdly poor, but this is the topic, who’z keepin score

1.1. Your white, you cant be creative – yo man I’m a NATIVE OF EARTH, blood line aint important, neither is the sacrifice, nor the moment we enjoyin, just keep pokin them fingers, the truth is sorin, my heart is sore, my death metal addicted personal core is overflowin with wrathful love for the most intense ignorance right now, which is the ignorance of… gues what…. our deeply interconected tree – one being

… this work is a scene of another undirectable lucid dream… the topics to come and see soon

1.2 your white, you can’t be a real activist

1.3 your white, you can’t respect culture

1.4 your white, you’ve never gone through anything hard in your life

1.5 your a man, you’re not disempowered

1.6 your a white man, you’re smooth sailin, nailin Sarah Palin of a never ending nation

1.7 your educated….. what the FUCK does that count for in this country?

1.8 your white, a man, and educated! you’ve got all the money in the world

1.9 your white, a man and educated but not using that to make all the money in the world… then your a Goddamn moron… Oh you’re working on social justice, new food systems and First Nations?  Shit you’re a complete moron, or insane, or probably just a Goddamn privileged white man.

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