Matters of Collective Survival (for the 99 AND 1%)




All of us are in this together (WHATEVER THIS THING IS THAT WE’RE IN, creation, Earth, Spaggheti Monster tendrils)… All of us get in our own way at times (save the Universal Teachers perhaps) … And all of us are capable of getting out of our own way and thus out of eachother’s way!  Why though?  Why get out of our own way?  Survival in all senses.  Spiritual, physical, social, economic, and environmental survival is at stake… And it always has been 🙂 have

The only differences is that now we are all (as a single being and living organism) becoming SELF AWARE of our own mortality and existence and interconnection with the planet, each other and our actions.


  • Looming Global Civil War = Syria and Egypt are in a blood bath, fueled from the outside, and initiated in historic conflicts… it is rolling in Iran and Israel… China and Russia and USA are all committing cyber warfare upon each other.  All are having a big cock fighting competition and ignoring life.  God have mercy on them.
  • First Nations genocide = The US govt and private firms genociding 190 First Nations, stealing land, poisoning soil with open pit uranium mines, injecting addicting substances, conducting illegal experiments with GMO’s in the reservation food system. See these videos for more – Red CryDakota 38
  • Fukushima = poisoning millions of people and could possibly cover the planet… Caused by deregulated industry and poorly educated public… This is conected to the rock labled TPP, which will make it illegal for locals to regulate industries, and the “right” for industries to collect taxes for “lost potential profits”.
  • Indian Point = warned by Lenape, First Nations of NY who gave original peace Treaty with the US that paved the way for the successful revolution, where first massacre of their people was in the Rockaways, where Sandy hit, and now are saying that Indian POINT is already leaking and will completely finish us off if we don’t change our ways.
  • Race conflict = USA being torn apart by own racism and media, could lead to uncontrollable civil unrest, profitable to companies involved in TPP (military, prison, pharma, energy industrial complex of all complexes)
  • TPP = global corporate coup that will speed up the destruction of all local input, internet freedom, affordable medicine, the Constitution. Here’s a 2 min video on it by the AFL-CIO
  • Fracking = connected to TPP but essential for local survival, water is life
  • GMOs = poisoning our food system, cutting people off from seeds
  • Censorship = cutting off access to information that is vital for survival
  • Corporate Made Global Warming = wreaking havoc on food production
  • Gross Materialism/Unsustainability = the ultimate lie, and denial of our sacred self and the ultimate Truth… if that makes you uncomfortable, the oppression such facts is bad… and not knowing our true selves at least socially, leads to insatiable consumption, self destructive and other destructive behavior that leads to colonizing behavior/war racism all of it


  • Soil renewing agriculture – local agriculture using traditional technologies, not industry – Urban Farming Guys – Growing Power – Permaculture
  • Open source sustainable design – open source ecology/window-farms sharing technology that saves lives
  • Renewable Energy – 1 billion (same as it takes to make ONE coal power plant) in R&D for Geo Thermal could produce 4 times as much energy as the US needs (MIT study)
  • Decentralized Communications – the Free Network Foundation, FabFi, FreedomBox
  • Research on Environmental Decision Making and Post Prejudice Society – CRED, Social Psych
  • Decolonization and anti-racism training – Decolonization network
  • Complementary Currencies – LETs, Bitcoin, Berkshares, Ithaca Bucks, Cirandas (Brazilian Federation of Solidarity Economy), etc
  • Cultural preservation and empowerment – protecting First Nations languages and wisdom that is destroyed by materialism/colonialism – language and practices that hold to life saving medicines and ground sustainable development in agricultural and social practices that survived 1000’s of years of nature’s tests and 500 years of genocide. – Wade Davis and Kogi,  UNESCO Language Preservation, Project Halo, Creative Commons
  • Legal innovations: Iceland’s Crowdsourced Constitution, The Open Government Platform, The Open Source Imperative, The Local Bill of Rights, the Climate Bill of Rights, Ley de Derechos de la Madre Tierra 
  • Spiritual or Moral or Scientific Education of Youth – Baha’i program, Mennonite program, Religions for Peace, Depock Chopra, Citizen Science of Cornell, MITx Barefoot College, The Hawn Foundation


Unless and until an individual makes effort to addresses one of these mortal threats to humanity, and supports a complementary solution, their life work will be of no consequence benefit. And unless and until the aggregate individual actions are not brought together, they will be of no benefit either in a relative sense….

If 1,000,000 people are inventing the wheel in parallel but not together, it’s about who makes the first functioning wheel.  Compared to all 1,000,000 people all working on inventing the wheel TOGETHER…. the former ends with a longer invention cycle, and the wasted effort of 999,999 people… The later results in a shorter invention cycle, a better more holistic invention probably, and the fruitful effort of 1,000,000 people!  It’s MAGIC!  What’s really magic is that you can compare both of those at an extreme end… and say 1,000,000 competing to save the day is worse than 2 working together.  Tragedy of the hero.

We cannot reform an immoral system (corporate rule or centralized power or petroleum based economy or materialistic culture).  It requires a complete shift to spiritually/morally/scientifically based education of youth, and the alignment of resources to their empowerment.  It’s a surprise to some to realize this simple fact that youth are smarter, learn faster, and have more energy and have a greater stake in the future outcome, thus they bear the most fruit of resources and empowerment for the whole human race.

Literally everything else will not have an effect in the future and is a repeat of the old paradigm, however formulaically accurate or logical the reform could be (money out of politics), it still does not reach the root of the problem (a-spiritual, a-moral, a-scientific education).  None of these formulas protect us from mortal dangers that all of humanity faces presently…. and if we want to get serious about prioritizing who lives and who dies, by which resources are allocated… it is a calculation of how many resources are directed to youth that are working to benefit humanity.

As a man reaching the end of his youth, this is becoming clearer to me.  We, the millennials, are being canibalized by our own parent generation.  We’re also done with it.  We’ve shown our angst, and it did little compared to what we are doing now by creating new systems just in NYC (Freedom School, Reclaim Network, The Global Summit, The Free Network Foundation, Love Bomb Seed Bomb, Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, Rebuild NYC, WindowFarms, Tradeschool, CSI, )…. but the greatest injustice is the hoarding of resources by the older, suposedly wiser generations that are giving us a fucked planet.  We’re in debt, jobless, and homeless.  The lack of intergenrational empowerment = extinction of cultures, languages, ecosystems, and a bad taste in the mouth of everyone.  We need the older generations to listen – stop lecturing, help – don’t tie us down with conditional agreements… this is about survival.

Again, unless and until an individual or group is participating in remediating ONE of these mortal threats, AND is supporting or implement at least ONE of these solutions, they are literally choosing not to participate in human evolution.  My claim that spiritual education is a no no, then at least support moral or scientific education… I don’t see a difference… save that spiritual education is like the quantum physics of such education, where moral education is the classical physic…

This may well be the lesser covenant, do I participate in living, it is up to me, it is up to you as well if you do, it is up to ever group… It requires no verbal commitment, just action.  Loving, peaceful, focused action… upon the horizon is a future glorious beyond our imagination… The caterpillar, in metamorphosis, begins to die… new cells form (liminal cells) that become the building block of the butterfly… some of the old cells help in the transition to the butterfly and feed energy to the new, unimaginable life of the caterpillar… and other cells become entrenched, eventually becoming food for the butterfly.  Who’s ready to fly!

We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.

Once in a blue moon, I call it like it is

Dear NSA, Pentagon, CIA… as a child of 21 Declaration signers, 4 Mayflower, and thensome… I assure you I act only to preserve the integrity of this Nation.  I shall cooperate with you and any other who will keep true to their word.  This country will be torn asunder by enemies within and without if we do not work together to stop this corporate coup, and unite leadership of movements for justice and truth.  Anything or one that compromises my ability to build farming networks is an enemy of the State and humanity.  I summon you all to rise and serve the country and mankind, following our just laws of the Constitution, lest you lose this opportunity and be marked forever as traitors to the intent of the founding of this One Nation under God.

99% vs 1% = FAIL: Why We Lose if We Don’t Unify

Why do I say this?

First constitutional laws in Europe – Magna Carta – began with “The People” allying with the “barons” who realized the King was completely off his rocker and failing as a ruler.

  1. Division = weakness
  2. Unity = power
  3. Accuracy = effectiveness

The actual parasites that we all are the hosts of are beyond any tax bracket!

Those most affected by this host of parasitic elite hyper hoarders, which are nothing more than a reflection of our human collective lack of enacted principles, have been and continue to be the Indigenous Peoples of America and the World.  Some 19,000,000 – 100,000,000 First Nations peoples of the American continents were systematically genocided in the name of greed (estimates by Colonists – First Nations respectively).  To put that in perspective, the estimates of the Holocaust against the Jewish people range from 91 – 12,500,000 (estimates by Nazis – Jewish people respectively).  Beyond the numbers of indigenous peoples who were viscously tortured and killed are the number of sacred practices lost and languages extinguished.  In the region that the United States inhabits we have extinguished over 100 languages, and we will destroy more…  Planet wide, as a species, we’ve committed suicide to 3000 of our 6000 languages – an event that will go down in history as one of the greatest extinctions ever. The following video is what modern genocide looks like, perpetrated by the United States, her citizens, and against the Lakota speaking people.  The Lakota genocide complaint against the US is being investigated by the United Nations human rights division, as you read this.  The Lakota Grandmothers stated, that they are the canary in the coal mine of humanity… if they go, all of us go.  So please watch and see how the Lakota Grandmother’s words really ring true.

And why are we (non indigenous)? The same reason our ancestors did, in the name of easy money for the elite hyper hoarding, and our participation in the delusional wish of “someday maybe” becoming an elite hyper hoarder or our delusional acceptance of in being “victims” of the parasitic elite hyper-hoarder order!

We cannot become rich by hoarding, and we cannot be liberated by labeling ourselves as victims… everything comes from inner wealth, and these poor elite hyper hoarding parasites are so spiritually screwed we should have pity on them, as well as trust that God is the fiercest of avengers…. These parasitic elite hyper hoarders are not done yet though with genociding thousands of nations over the last hundred years, they are preparing to poison our food, destroy the planetary biosphere, commodity our water, increase generic drug prices, and lock down our planetary communications through the Trans Pacific Partnership

So what do we do?  Have mercy on the parasitic hyper hoarding elite and tell them they are killing themselves and others and must stop. We, the 99%, MUST ally with the 1% who are drinking the hyper-hoarding coolaid and beckon them to enjoy more lightened drinks, like raw juices from our local farms, urban farms and reservations.

We must move wealth to where it will best serve humanity, the Lakota/Lenape/First Nations of America canary in the coal-mine for humanity, and stop this crazy machine of greed dead in it’s tracks with new systems…  new systems that empower youth… We’ll be forever fighting symptoms if we do not make a concerted effort, every one of us, to give youth the skills they need – the 1% and the 99%.  If we stay stuck fighting, we’re just going to go down with the backwards and maladaptive traits of humanity that are dying in this era… if we divorce ourselves from the “1%” and swallow the poison pill of the media that cuts off the downtrodden from their historic allies (the underclass of the parasitic elite hyper hoarders), as is the case with the Magna Carta, then we can actually secure our collective survivability.  We must become beacons of resilience, spiritual, physical, social and environmental resiliance.  We must reclaim the planet.

Summons to Serve Humanity: 114 Youth Conferences











Upcoming Cities and Dates

HOUSTON – August 23rd – 25th

LA – August 30st – Sept 1st

19-21 August 2013

Kadugannawa, Sri Lanka

23-25 August 2013

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Danané, Côte d’Ivoire

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Houston, United States

Istanbul, Turkey

Kampong Thom, Cambodia


Democratic Republic of the Congo

Nadi, Fiji

Nairobi, Kenya

24-26 August 2013

Mwinilunga, Zambia

Yaoundé, Cameroon

30 August – 1 September 2013

Baku (Nabran), Azerbaijan

London (Warwick), United Kingdom

Los Angeles, United States

Ouagadougou, Burkina

Seberang Perai, Malaysia

South Tarawa, Kiribati

September 2013

6-8 September 2013

Accra, Ghana

Battambang, Cambodia

Bhopal, India

Bhubaneswar, India

13-15 September 2013

Kampala, Uganda

Kigoma, Tanzania

Kolkata, India

Patna, India

14-16 September 2013

Brisbane, Australia

Kuching, Sarawak

20-22 September 2013

Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea

20-23 September 2013

Dhaka, Bangladesh

21-23 September 2013

Johannesburg, South Africa

26-29 September 2013

Lae, Papua New Guinea

Moscow, Russia

27-29 September 2013

Chennai, India

Mahikeng, South Africa

Nuku’alofa, Tonga

October 2013

4-6 October 2013

Bangui, Central African Republic

Daidanaw, Myanmar

Manila, Philippines

New Delhi, India

Panchgani, India

Perth, Australia

Sydney, Australia

5-7 October 2013

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

11-13 October 2013

Bangalore, India

Guwahati, India

San Jose City, Philippines

12-16 October 2013

Lucknow, India

18-20 October 2013

Biratnagar, Nepal

25-27 October 2013

Bardiya (Banke), Nepal

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Vientiane, Laos


TPP is serious – a secret global trade deal being pushed unconstitutionally through congress as a “speedy resolution” that will increase medicine prices, explode GMO food all over the world, destroy labor rights, and completely shut down internet freedoms.  This is what we’ve been practicing to stop.

Thus, my time averted to the Money Warz campaign, as a broader call to create speedy memes to take back our media and expose the TPP.  Here’s the sub-Reddit just recently made to support meme creation and sharing, and a couple examples I spat out over a couple hours.


Rorchack tpp time

Happy huntin open allies