August 2011 – A Month to Wake Humanity

Here’s a short video rendition for the busy and short attentioned 🙂

Here’s a long video rendition for the insane 😛

August 2011 – a month filled with major “wake up” events for humanity, a double slap to our face in the US.  It’s a relief that hurricane Irene and the Virginia earthquakes were not full on Chuck Norris round house kicks.  But each warn, we can’t keep ignoring our impact on the world.  Each come during a year of a apocalyptic global disaster.  Haiti’s earthquake left nearly 300,000 dead, Japan’s tsunami force nearly half a million to live in shelters, Somalia drought has already destroyed the lives of some 10 million people, America’s droughts, 6.1 million acre wildfires and deadly tornado season all broke records.. the double whammy to the East Coast demands our attention.

Some people are already saying God, himself is PISSED! at US!  Whatever you believe, we are not some innocent feather unnoticed by the ground we rest on.  No, we’re a nearly 7 billion strong, hyper society of powerful beings, explosively capable of affecting everything around us.    Check out the relationship between our early migration and large mammal survival.  BOOOM!!!  See a pattern?  The obesity epidemic today ain’t nuthin!  We were total fatass crackheads for wollymamoth lard for caloric fuel. Like a Cartman superorganism moving from one continent sized cheesy poof factory to the next.

So, I must ask… Are we just repeating history?  Causing self-destructive catastrophe in our cracked out pursuit of another easy fuel.

January this year, the Little Rock Arkansas Oil and Natural Gas commission demanded a moratorium on hydrofracking.  Why? To determine if the 800 earthquakes, and largest regional earthquake in 35 years, which all occurred in the just 6 months, had annnny connection to the new hydrofracking wells.   After 3 months, seismic geologists stated “We believe preliminary data from the moratorium study shows a potential connection between injection operations and earthquakes at one or both of those wells“ (article).

Now that’s just a warm up… The USGS states, in their freaking online Q & A section on earthquakes state “Earthquakes induced by human activity have been documented … the cause was injection of fluids into deep wells for waste disposal and secondary recovery of oil… The largest and most widely known resulted from fluid injection at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver, Colorado… resulting in a earthquake of magnitude 5.5 followed a series of smaller earthquakes.” (USGS cite)

So yeaaaah… who want’s to bet the VA earthquake which was felt in Arkansas, was definitely NOT HELPED by the hydrofracking wells just 80 miles away.  I’d take that bet (with Bitcoins hehe)

What about Irene?  Did we do that?  Well, the “humanity is being a f#@ckup bum” report is only growing.  Hurricanes are caused from excess energy in the oceans (thermal energy).  While the scientific community adheres to a strict and cautious lingo that makes it impossible to say anything with balls, Bill McCibbin and Bill Nye are finding some.  They are declaring the simple truth on high (McCibbin & Nye stories)

“Hurricane Irene has a middle name and it’s global warming”

We’ve gotta wake up!!!  How long can we drill miles into the ground, detonating hydraulic explosions and NOT expect to see spikes in earthquakes?!?!  How long can we spew solar energy trapping gas into the air and NOT expect more heat fueled hurricanes?!?!  How long can we keep killing and raping Mother Earth and not expect her to revolt?

At the stroke of midnight, the 2011 new year began with 10,000’s of birds falling from the sky and 100,000’s of fish beaching themselves in Arkansas (the state also plagued with 800 miniqukes from fracking).  I mean cummon!!!!!! That’s some biblical sh*t!  I’m only only scratching the surface of the tip of the iceberg of the horn of the hellfire demon that we’ve created!  A painful realization?  We’re like an addict, finally connecting the dots between our “problem” and the fact that our life is crumbling around us for some reason.

It’s a kind of collective realization some observant homo-sapiens made when the said 100,000 years ago, “hey, remember those big ass animals we love to hunt? Are they gone?”  A painful statement, probably met with lots of resistance.  No leader or group wants to hear bad news, especially about food!  Exhibit A: the following video of woman throwing a fit at McDonald’s because they ran out of McNuggets. Notice the phases of realization and pain that this lady undergoes.  First, there’s the bad news, then at least two attempts to dis-confirm the bad news (ya gotta be kidding me! No NUGGGGETS!!!), by a minute and a half of denial, all hell breaks loose… watch till the end. Human behavior 101 right here.

Now imagine some of our ancestors saying “hey, I don’t think there are any Wollymamoth left on the menu.” We were not as sophisticated back then as this lady here… and probably had all kinds of sharp stone tools like this lying around when we got the news.

Recognizing a problem is one thing… owning up to it is another.  Some very brave homo-sapien eventually asked the forbidden question “Did we kill em all?” I suspect that poor smelly soul was ritualistically cast into some Sparta like chasm symbolizing universal evil.  Forget McNuggest, the biggest, easiest to hunt, and most calorie rich game were killed off by us?  An totally avoidable tragedy that probably hurt quite a bit.  But we stopped…. we got smart…. and began domesticating our source of meat.  We got over the painful bit, and started owning up to the simple truth, and survived.

So are we going to repeat history? This week we threw NASA’s top climate scientist into jail for protesting the Keystone XL sands pipeline – which will increase the US carbon footprint by one third, all by itself, by just 2020! It’s been appropriately labeled a “game over carbon bomb!”  We arrested one of NASA’s top climate scientists???? After these two disasters????  This year?!?!?!?  The equivalent would be like having our ancestors decide it would be a good idea to hunt every last mammal down to muskrat into extinction just after receiving miraculous a warning message from a talking albino wooly-mammoth named Yahweh that they were over hunting.  We’ve gotta stop!  And we’ve gotta re-tune our unfathomable ability to create so it is in-sync with life.

If we can spend billions of dollars and man hours building pipelines that kill life on Earth, imagine what happens when we re-focus that energy to nurture it. Our ancestors did just that with the animals they hunted.  But they only got smart after opening up their hearts to the fact they were destroying their source of life – an act of courage we must learn from and outshine today… They also pioneered something new, uncharted – an act of courage we must learn from and outshine today… We have the brains.  The real question is if we have the courage to cry for Earth, and begin to protect her as the Mother that she is for all humanity and life.  Let’s discard the old debates on carbon taxes and pipelines.  The fact there is even a debate is a sign of weakness.  Let’s stand and light a new path, into the unknown… invent something that is…. unstoppable… new…. that permanently marks our generation as the one that began to unconditionally love life, and became Mother Earth’s first modern guardians.

August was the month to wake up.  September will be the month of action

Here are links to incredible projects I am either directly or indirectly part of. I know each inspires not only hope, but a drive to get active.  Blessings to you all.  Coming soon: an inspirational song, and news about future plans.  Lots happening in the next few months www.

What is a Global Public Servant

So here’s a brief video description of Global Public Service, a full video and a written description to compliment the whole package 🙂

I promise to be responsive to contributions (ie comments, messages etc)!

Short Video – for the modern blogger with atrophied executive function centers… like me

Full Video – for those with 10 min long attentions spans… freaks/xmen

Written Description – For those of you who still know how to read… darned nerds.  Everyone knows that speech to text is where its at – what up Kurzwiel 😛

So the basic ingredients are! –

1. Open Engagement with Public Commons – open sourcing one’s work as much as possible while working in public commons (anything that affects or is shared by other people.. like Wikipedia or starting a game).  Here’s an animated video explaining what a commons is.  If one’s engagement is not open then there’s no effective feedback and refinement.  If it is not in the commons then it is not public.

2. Balance of Efficient Focus and Passionate Interest – do something you love and do it well.  These go hand in hand.  Loving what you do will generally leads to effective work (sweet).  But Global Public Servants must also consider the impact of their work, and maximize the benefit (so teaching people to fish instead of giving them fish, ya dig?)

3. Balance of Responsiveness and Independence – implement feedback and represent your constituency, but keep your lively spark and opinion.  This is the most important and interesting part of Global Public Service… one does not need to shut down their very humanity in the pursuit of becoming a perfect Gallup Poll fulfiller.  In fact, one should embrace their individuality, and challenge the world to be grown up about it’s demands.  Eccentricities, personality, and creativity should be valued and encouraged.

So that’s just about it!

Hello Brave New World :)

While the welcome video’s exporting I might as well write some text to introduce this blog! Basically, this is my little hub for open sourcing my life – the experiences I have, ideas, insights, methods and all that I find essential to doing my work as a Global Public Servant. Over the course of my young life I slowly ended up dedicating all of my being to bettering the world.  To some, it is an accomplishment and admirable – I thank them for their compliments – but there are millions of people out in the world doing exactly the same.

For example, this blog is appropriately starting at the dawn of the first day of independence for the people of Libya!  I don’t know much about the statistics of the Arab Spring, but there must be tens of millions of people… doing exactly what I am in just that region of the world.  God knows we need it.

I hope this page can be a resource for me and others who are so dedicated!  That being the case, I will write/vlog on the most basic essentials of living as healthfully and productively as possible.  There’ll be postings on nutrition, exercise, community, task management ANNND, most importantly, ideas.  I know there’s a Wiki plug in for WordPress and will use that and invite the world to edit/link up what I cover.  This will hopefully be a living archive of cool stuff that people find valuable, interesting, and worth contributing to.

It’s an experiment right now.  I welcome you to enjoy!  I welcome you to participate 🙂