Tired of the same old food – try Occupy (basically the same thing but citizens on top and we’re eating locally grown food from our DIYEconomies)  Found this picture from Flydende a floating city in Copenhagen that lives off their ingenuity, community and awesomeness.

Occupy 2012!

Share your ideas at our Occupy 2012 Reddit and commenting here! Spread the word and start your own Open, Playful and Sincere Action for New Years!!!  Help us Occupy the Ball Drop in Time Square with signs, projections, balloons and spirit!!!  There’s a party at LIBERTY SQUARE at the same time, but that is not the focus of this action.

We will attempt to display the Occupy Message through the Ball Dropping.  The fireworks provide lots of smoke, and there are place that might be dark enough to show a projection.  We’ll try and drop banners from friendly apts, and encourage folks to do the same! If you know people who live in the area, who have friendly businesses, who have apartments with views of Time Square please let us know by filling out the bottom form (here is a link to the form to share directly to people you know)!!!  Mass media is our battle zone, and this is our greatest opportunity to enlighten the world about why the Global Revolution/Awakening is here, what we are doing, and to get involved!


December 15th: America’s Awakening – We Are Stopping America’s Fall, Recall & Impeach them All!!!!

Today is the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, a document that secured our freedom of speech, Habeas Corpus, and the American Spirit which inspired all the people of the world to fight for freedom and liberty, but this morning marks the elites last attempt to destroy this spirit with NDAA and SOPA.  They have succeeded with the former.  They WILL NOT SUCCEED WITH THE LATTER.

11 AM today, those of us at Occupy Wall Street gave a our first official press statement on the matter, and have taken the stand to defend all American’s against this attack.  Later today I will be giving a speech in front of Washington’s Statue at Wall Street to amplify this resolution – to amplify the world wide call to save liberty and justice on our planet which teeters into utter chaos at the hands of these elite.  They will regret their attack on this historic day.  Because we have a few more powers that they don’t have time to cut off… and that is the ability to recall, and impeach them all.

The only thing that keeps me, my partner Camille, every friend I have made and bleed with at Occupy Wall Street from being indefinitely and unconstitutionally detained is THE INTERNET.  SOPA threatens that.  Every American must assemble now and threaten to impeach and recall all of the politicians that fail to rescind their support for NDAA, and SOPA.

December 15th marks the second American awakening. The first shot was fired by non other than our leaders.  Before it was the Red Coat musket financed by the quill stroke of the King and aristocrats.  Today it is the law enforcement teargas financed by the pen stroke of Obama and the corporatocracy.  Let’s chain their hands, and put them behind bars, so they can’t sign another attack on America’s spirit.  Let’s begin the fight today!

The following details every impeachable offence of the Obama administration.  We can extend this to every snake in Washington.  Below is Iceland’s story of triumph over the elite who hijacked their country.  They crowd sourced a new constitution.  We can do the same.

1. Unconstitutional war on Libya
2. Unconstitutional assassination of 3 US citizens abroad by drone attack
3. Unconstitutional expansion of citizen surveillance
4. Killing the Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus by writing and approving NDAA 1031

Here’s how you recall an elected official.  Here’s how you impeach a knavish viper of a president.  Here’s Iceland’s story from crisis to crowd-sourced constitution.  Here is their constitution.

I will be posting my speech soon.  Must go! Spread the word and take back our country!!!!

Open Source Explanation of Budget Crisis and Solution

[vimeo w=550&h=309]
Behold, the US budget and bail out explained in simple English, along with my personal take on the solution.  I gathered bail out info from the following Levy Institute study by James Felkerson.  If you would like access to the open source document, comment on this post and I’ll give you access to the moderated EtherPad.  Here’s the original EtherPad to play with. BTW – EtherPad is the open source platform that Google Docs is based on.
This post is inspired by the following post on the OWS Reddit by user: nxqv.  I highly encourage Occupiers, Redditors and cool people to play with this document and make it better.  Will present at GA. Here it goes
Simplifying complex things so everyone can understand is a lovely thing to do

       *US Tax Revenue:                                    $2,170,000,000,000
       *Fed budget:                                           -$3,820,000,000,000
       * Deficit:                                                 – $1,650,000,000,000
       *Natl debt:                                             -$14,271,000,000,000
       *Recent budget cut:                                     $38,500,000,000
       *Bail out:                                               -$29,000,000,000,000

Now, remove 8 zeros and imagine it’s a household or business budget

       *Our annual income:                                                   $21,700
       *Money we spent:                                                      -$38,200
       *New debt on credit card:                                          -$16,500
       *Outstanding balance on card:                               -$142,710
       *Total dollars our accountant saved:                              $385
       *New loan we took out to pay off latest bad ones:  -$290,000

So let’s stop the insanity now!  Vote all of them out and balance the budget ourselves!  Make then give back what was loaned so we can put it to use! Like any good business, we should make something that will be productive.  If Google could become what it is out of Andy Bechtolseim’s initial $100,000 investment in 1998, then we make whatever we want with $29,000,000,000,000.

That is why nations print their own money. They are like business that have their own Credit Union for bootstrapping projects. With that capacity, they make something more productive than the rate of inflation of the loan and goods necessary for survival.  Businesses do this when well managed.  If we did such through a national investment in energy savings and renewables, we’d make up more than our National Debt in savings and thensome with new jobs and added productivity from free energy.  Add a program to make free internet for the America and we’ll secure a 21st century economy. We don’t need more roads, we need free energy and communication.

Investing poorly screws everything up.  Or in our case, our accountants (politicians) are laundering our money out of the country, stealing it for themselves, and actually using it to bet against against America’s success to double collect on their lies.

So don’t just vote em out. Arrest, every single last one of them.  Let’s invest the money in Manhattan Projects for energy savings, renewable development and the people’s internet.  Open source all of those projects on R&DIY/Open Source Ecology frameworks and you have a solution for all the worlds ills, freely available in an insanely short time frame.

Check those out and see for yourself

Welcome to America: Land of the Indefinitely Detained, Home of the Criminal Elite

Just got out of a 40 hour jail sentence for splitting a NYC Metro turnstile fare and had to write this, especially in light of Obama’s latest fight to finally kill Habeas Corpus – the very reason for our country’s founding.  It’s my 6th time being incarcerated this year.  Having spent 11+ days total in jail, I’ve finally managed to digest some of the disgusting reality of America’s so called “justice” system. It almost doesn’t matter what Obama does with his freak monster NDAA Section 1030 creation. Weather he vetoes it to boost popularity or just goes for the jugular and let’s it pass, America already indefinitely detains its citizens. Not only that, an elite class of criminals are printing their own unlimited impunity passes through their private Federal Reserve (or what I like to call the Never Ending Roller Coaster for Market Stability).

It doesn’t matter if saving $1.25 is necessary for surviving this constructed economic crisis, or if the NYPD stole and destroyed everything you owned for peacefully assembling to fix said crisis… It doesn’t matter if the officer didn’t witness you sharing a fare. Or if you’ve defacto paid for infinite subway rides through local transportation taxes and inflated past fares that keep the average MTA annual salary above $100,000.  You’re going to jail.

This time around I was jailed as a regular Joe.  No Occupy friends to chant “WE ARE THE 99%” to pass time.  I only had meditations, prayers, and words to share with other inmates.  Our cell was filled beyond capacity with 40 of us crammed into a space like this.One man perched himself over the toilet stall. The floor was riddled with stale bread skins and leaking milk boxes. The stale stench of Central Bookings was covered for a short while by some kids who rolled a blunt just below the gaze of the single surveillance camera – or “eye in da sky” as we put it.

80% of us were Black, 10% of us were Hispanic, almost no white people.  A quarter of us were arrested for Metro jumping or something like that.  Another quarter were arrested for no reason at all, basically racial profiling (one of my friends was arrested for going to a public bathroom and having an old warrant … he’s still in jail).  Another quarter were arrested for carrying personal bags of weed, which is not an arrestable offence in NYC.  One man I spoke with was in the jail for over three days for idling his car on his way to work.  He had an old warrant for an open container in 2006.  Many inmates were clearly entrapped with undercover drug deals…  Besides the remaining drug addicts, chronically homeless and one single disgusting rapist, only four teenage kids actually did commit a real crime by stealing a few laptops and some electronics.

“You Occupy guys don’t get it.  The police have been beating people forever.  That’s what they do.  Now you finally know what they’re really like.”  My friend who was stopped for going to a public bathroom told me the story of his brother – one that is infamous throughout Brooklyn.  A gang of police publicly bludgeoned him 15 feet outside his house for refusing to be unlawfully searched.  During the long beating they tazed him for 3 minutes straight.  His face was unrecognizable by the end and the cops shot and killed two of his dogs in the process.  One of the dog attacked the cops trying save his owner, the other broke through its fence to do the same.

I felt waves of almost unbearable frustration throughout the 40 hour jail stay.  Most of the other men let their frustration out. We felt gutted and abused. Arbitrarily shipped from one crap hole to another.  The moving just gave police an excuse to scream at us and act tough.  Which was hard to stomach knowing that most half of us were ten times the men of the most crewel cops.  I asked everyone in my cell if these bull shit sentences and jailing were getting worse. Yes, they said.  The whole thing is getting worse.  The cops find or create a weak spot on your record.  Something lame like idling your car, having an open container, and then crack you open spending all their energy cleaving through your life. Milking you, your family and friends to meet a quota.  It’s not about justice, or protecting anyone.  It’s about money and abusing authority.  And in that equation, you’re going to jail for as long as the system wants.  In my case, I could face 1 year in Rikers if caught doing anything from exercising my first amendment in a manner that the NYPD doesn’t like, to going to a public bathroom at the wrong time.

That is unless you’re one of the criminal elites. You can completely skip the jail house circus of hell, probably because you made it.  News flash: the latest bail out is now totaled at $29,000,000,000,000.  Far from $1.25.  But has a single person served time?  That’s double our national annual productivity.  That’s our annual education funding thirty times over. The only man to serve any time for anything related the Global Financial Crisis is Bernard Madoff. He now lives at Butner Federal Correction Complex or the “Crown Jewl” of the Federal Prison System. He defrauded his clients some $65,000,000,000.  This country club “prison” that doesn’t serve its inmates cardboard sandwiches for lunch. No it provides the geriatric inmates cancer treatment programs.  Perhaps us non-billionaires should up our law breaking from turnstile-sharing to destroying the global economy.  Then we might actually get the medical care we’re most likely jumping turnstiles to afford.

The most troubling part of my latest NYC jail experience had nothing to do with these statistics and facts.  It involved watching those four kids charged with grand larceny get completely screwed by the judge. Three of the teenage boys were sent to Rikers. One of them was asked to post $15,000 bail for a freaking misdemeanor. The last one remaining stood next to me watching his two brothers and friend being hauled off to the island prison so infamous for adolescent abuse. With tears filling his eyes he yelled “I’ll get you guys out! I promise!”.  It choked me up, watching him frantically call out to his remaining family being carted off – beating the jail bars as the cops sat filing papers. His mother died that year.  His brothers and friend were caught. Surviving this broken global machine that runs off the poor’s blood, by putting their hands in it’s cogs.  Putting my hand to my heart as he calmed himself I and nodded to him and let him know, he is the reason I am fighting Wall Street.

Split a Metro fair to save $1.25 and spend 40 hours in jail.  The other person who helps split it will be fined 100$ on top of that.  It doesn’t matter if they can’t even afford books for school.  Finish the 40 hours, get to be sent to Rikers for a year if you commit ANY CRIME in the eyes of the police. The following are crimes in their eyes: fighting for your country, peacefully assembling, standing in the sidewalk, going to a public bathroom, not having a state ID, or being Black.  But if you rape our country of $29,000,000,000,000? The cops will beat the living fuck out of people FOR YOU.

Welcome to America – Land of the Indefinitely Detained, Home of the Criminal Elite… Occupy Forever, Occupy Everywhere until we revive our her spirit and dream… And until these sons of bitches rot in Rikers we will not find real change.  Perhaps then, the NYPD might overcome the bad rap of being Banker cronies and community terrorists.  Perhaps then, the NYPD can reclaim the heroism as displayed during 9-11. Perhaps then, the NYPD can look themselves in the mirror and say they are arresting criminals.  Every single officer I’ve asked tells me they dream about throwing bankers into Rikers.  What’s keeping the American Dream from becoming a reality?

Rapid Update 1.0

I’m going to start writing Rapid Updates while I’m living with the Livestream Team in our undisclosed squatting place.

Right now Seattle, Washington, and New Orleans have heavy police presence/raids.  Nashville is marching to court.

I’d like to point out that Bloomberg has increased his fortune from 4 billion to 20 billion in the 11 years he’s been mayor.  That’s about an 18% annual increase… Bloomberg LP just released data explaining how the Fed gave out more than the 7 billion dollar TARP program of 08’… the grand total is around 7.7 TRILLION.  That’s nice of him to disclose this information… why now though?  What on earth is this mayor about?  He recently touted the exact words “I have an army” – NYPD is the 9th largest standing army in the world.

All of these raids, paired with the Bloomberg monopoly on market data, with his practically impossible increase in personal wealth, along with the latest news that TIME magazine’s December 5th article being censored in the US makes it patently clear to me that we live in Orwell’s worst 1984 nightmare.  This is serious and we need to begin discussing what OWS will be doing this election season.

Do we deligitimize the US govt by having a massive boycott of the electoral system?  What do we do?  These are the questions we have to be asking as we build the capacity to provide the answers.  Best wishes, love and blessings in the mean time.  Will keep reporting from the ground – Ted