Waging Peace: What Really Hurts

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Above and beyond the 190+ self immolating Tibetan youth of our age

beyond the videos of young Syrian’s suffocating from gas

beyond my Lakota brother’s and sister’s facing violence back in Pine Ridge for raising the flag on the genocide of the people

beyond the 200+ species we lose a day

beyond the ratcheting of air, land, and meritime military weaponry around Syria

beyond the rampant waste

beyond the denial that something is gravely wrong

beyond the bee collapse


what hurts most? the inner dissunity within so called people of peace, and the little that is known of the bright future of humanity.  our destiny, and the collective lack of will to arise to our noble, glorious, and holy station in the universe.

Blitz for Finance Reform in NY – Help Needed

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Currently setting up websystem, livestream, in/outreach.  Here’s an article about the issue, the bill etc – all the relevant links.

If ya’d be down to help please let me know! Just tweet @tedwardhall or bookfacemssg or comment.

Waging Peace: Emerging, Global, Militarized Police State…

  1. Between RT’s report that the US FBI now has reach into Canada...
  2. that Massachusetts residents were forcibly removed from their homes without warrant, or reason, by automatic-rifle point… ***CONSENT CANNOT BE GIVEN AT GUNPOINT***
  3. that several cities have been hit with full scale military drills with live fire
  4. that citizens are being arrested by robotz?… woah that’s new
  5. and oh yeah, on the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights the NDAA was put into effect to effectively destroy 400+ years of human legal progress by destroying Habeas Corpus – what do we do?

Address the Spiritual root and then reclaim our rights and responsibilities – with the Local Bill template. The first is between you and God, the later for the pragmatic mob. Props to Occupy London and the Community Environmental Legal Defence Fund for pioneering this innovative legislation. Props to Canupa of the Lakota for teaching us to EXERCISE our rights or LOSE THEM, and for Charmaine White Face for showing Crazy Horse patience and love in the face of Tyrany.  Thanks to God for stability.  Thanks to Occupy organizers for raising the flag of “Gun Control” with Occupy the NRA.  A message of urgency to Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Veterans, and Indigenous Leaders… reclaiming the lessons the Onondaga elders shared the Founding Revolutionaries – “you will accomplish nothing until you unify”.

May the Creator guide us all, in every movement, to wage peace, lovingly, and put this Constitution to use.  In the process let us have the fortitude not to be confused… this militarized police state is not for anyone’s protection… this 76 page lawsuit by Lt. James Pietrangelo details how the Boston Bomb could have been stopped if the US Military Cops hadn’t been wasting billions of tax dollars destroying our First Amendment Right.

I can attest to that fact, being beaten by the the million dollar raid on Occupy Liberty Sq… 10,000’s of New Yorkers took to the streets and were beat… to defend our courageous act to speak.  I know the Tea Party and Libertarians and First Nations attest to the same tyrannical discrimination.  And control of our guns, food, and treaties touch every single issue… Do we decolonize or lay aside and let the nation metasticize.


I know on which side I lay.. we’ve been asleep too long and the glory of what we shall bring, to make all humanity nobility, cannot be scene by the weak.  Next steps of the movement, are evolution, no more streets.  Meems, not beatings.  Livestreaming not pleading… Holy teachings, not screaming.  Being not dreaming

Waging Peace: Militarized Police and Sabotage

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Here’s the scoop though and Occupy the NRA looks a little scary with this kind of home video of constitutional atrocities coming out… but learning lots on the ground, very important issues coming down… reclaiming responsibility is the only way to balance it all out.  Political systems hardly functioning, internet communication and Local Bill of Rights implementation… only solution I know… beyond us all letting go of the ego.. inertia of ignorance though is something not to discount. This picture illustrates what kind of machine the truth must penetrate as well… Screenshot at 2013-04-23 14:01:41

This Slate article illustrates what kind of ignorance and cowardice the truth must dissolve. It argues that such searches are “constitutional” under the claim that they are “consensual”.

My response: how on God’s green earth can anything be consensual at gun point?!  Making such an argument is as bad as “blame the victim” logic for rape.

Lord, how are American’s defending militarized police?!  I have to pray to God for calm and compassion when I hear arguments from turd brains like the Slate writer.  Or I should say damn cowards. Cowards who dishonour the blood sacrifice given to be liberate the Colonies from the Crown. Ignorant fools that do not understand the fragility of this formation of a constitutional government as One Nation under God, not man!

I feel, the only legal restitution lies in Americans and friends of Rule by Law, not weapon, reclaiming their God given rights, and going on the offensive through things like the Local Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.  Lord give us strength to wage peace with the swords of courageous wisdom and veracious speech, may Your protection be our armour, and Your love our succour

Wage Peace: What the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terror” have in common

1. They both create the problem “being solved”

2. Oakley sports sunglasses

3. Not actually being wars

4. Actually being cock measuring contests for egoistic cowards

5. If won would put the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security out of business… Conflict of interest much?

6. Only matter when they affect white people

7. Don’t apply to Corporations (big Pharma or Texas fertilizer explosion)

8,. Don’t apply to Nations (Drone strikes, US patents on AIDS medication)

9. Could probably be solved by legalizing cannabis and industrial hemp

10 + Please share your own additions tot he list

I’m too lazy right now to lists any references right now. it’s just obvious durr

Waging Peace: An Open and Half Assed Letter to President Obama

“Dear Mr President,

I am in town and wish to extend my good will, respect, an loyalty to you – in as much as it does not cross the bounds of the Constitution and as much as I recognize deadly forces of the world are pressuring you to cross such lines.  I pray for your safety, I am very disturbed at the AP hack, you have my prayers of protection and others across the world.

I am in town running around with my crazy hat and a grey Occupy teeshirt with a heart symbol on it.  I am running to the anti-Drone rally right now.  One of our speakers at the Occupy the NRA rally on Thursday died suddenly… My last messages to you should be clear —- My computer is back in line.  I am going to print out the message and deliver it after I run to this Drone Rally to spread the word… We must find a balance between Citizen Responsibility and State Protection of our rights.  It’s all out of wack right now and I understand you are doing your job to weigh extremely tough decisions.  

You are not alone. This subject of gun control will make or break our nation… and I believe it is interconnected with so many other deep seeded psychological and spiritual maladies that will take years to address. May we not spiral out of control and lose the opporunity.

This document shall provide a great weight to reclaim balance from the grass roots up, inasmuchas we work together.  The Institutions, Communties, and Individuals of the world must embrace during this final convusion to maturity.  I have faith that your maturity, intellect, skill, and international mindedness has made our world more safe.  Please take a look at it.  We must help eachother to be all that we can be, not only as citizens who love our great nation, but the whole world, and our human family.  We are one.

With great respect and prayers for your guidance, courage, and forsight to the infinite generations to come that will look upon this presidency, may you be encouraged to exercise the full streingth of the virtues God has endowed you with, to see past this single term, to see the children, women, and men of the future and honor their wishes, to make them proud.  We can together. God bless this great nation and have mercy on us all.  We submit to Thy Will that verily embraceth all things, we are but thy servants… Kings, Queens, Presidents, bankers, citizens, indigenous, kids alike… the future generations will look to us as beacons of peace. And honor thouse who sacrifice for the Most Great Peace – Ted”  — Response Requested